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Ripple Tank Illuminator with Stroboscope

A High Intensity Halogen Light Source With a Revolutionary Solid State Stroboscope
Designed to provide bright quasi-point-source illumination for sharp wave pattern images in ripple tank setups, this new illuminator features a long life low voltage halogen lamp in a robust metal housing that mounts directly to our new Ripple Tank CP33687-50, or can fit on stand material over any ripple tank. The unique solid state stroboscope has a filter in 35mm slide format that clips onto the front of the illuminator and is powered by a hand controller that allows the frequency to be adjusted in 0.1Hz increments from 5.0Hz to 24.9Hz. The filter contains LCD material that becomes alternately clear and opaque in synchronism with the signal from the hand controller, providing the periodic light interruptions that let you "freeze" the wave patterns in the ripple tank. Used with our new highly stable wave generator CP33687-00, the stroboscope provides sharp, stationary patterns or, by changing the frequency of either component by 1Hz, a "slow motion" picture of the waves. The illuminator and stroboscope are also available separately.


Item # Description Unit Price Quantity
CP33687-40 Ripple Tank Illuminator with Stroboscope, Stroboscope Only
Each Retrieving Unavailable
unavailable Limited quantities of this product are available. To check availability or place an order, call Customer Service at 1-800-727-4368 or email