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Quantum Particle In a Box

First Experiment of Its Kind to Teach Quantum Mechanics at the Highschool Level

Imagine conducting cutting edge Physics experiments utilizing Nanotechnology in your classroom. This revolutionary product makes that possible. The usability and affordability of Quantum Particle In a Box allows you to lead highschool and college students in a series of experiments and demonstrations involving quantum mechanics and artificial atoms.This unique kit includes a set of four removable vials in an aluminum casing. When illuminated by an LED source of roughly 405 nm the different vials radiate four distinct wavelengths. These wavelengths are dependant on the size of the quantum dot, or nanobead, suspended in the solution. The physical size of the quantum dots effects the wavelengths they can absorb and emit. Measuring the emitted wavelengths with a digital spectrometer allows you to calculate the actual size of the quantum dot using Schrodinger’s equation. And, placing the vials in a spectrophotometer allows the absorption of the different solutions to be compared and contrasted.Discover a Multitude of Possible Experiments Using Quantum Particle In a BoxBuild a foundation of knowledge for further quantum physics studies with a series of demonstrations and experiments that vividly illustrate the basics of quantum mechanics. Flexible enough to use with highschool Physics students, Quantum Particle in a Box offers a interactive way for students to study and experiment with advanced techniques. Highschool Level Quantum Mechanic Concepts Demonstrated:• Particle and wave duality• Discrete nature of energy• Calculation of the radius of each sphere• Fluorescence• Absorption and emissionConstructed for frequent student manipulation of the apparatus, Quantum Particle In a Box features superior safety and versatility. The instrument’s high quality, laser cut aluminum casing with flat-headed hex screws allows for secure storage of vials while enabling full access to them during experiments. Four vials are included in the individual kit. The quantitative kit includes four sets of vials for group experiments. All vials are made from high quality borosilicate glass and securely sealed with a PTFE cap. In addition, comprehensive instructions for demonstrations and quantitative experiments are included. Note: Requires a monochromatic light source that is near 400nm.

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