Proto-Board Portable Workstation

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470121-170EA 561.69 USD
Proto-Board Portable Workstation
Functionality and Performance of a Full Test Bench in a Compact Package

Ideal for analog, digital and microprocessor circuits, these proto-board workstations contain multiple features in one instrument, saving money spent on individual units and reducing space required in your lab. These complete electronics workstations are particularly helpful for design engineers and advanced technology applications in laboratories, test benches, and classrooms. Instrumentation, breadboarding, and a rugged DC regulated triple power supply are all integrated into a comprehensive workstation. The instrumentation features eight new individual selectable logic switches (offering settings of +5volts / +V and ground) with red (high) and green (low) buffered logic LED indicators. A 100KHz function generator with continuously variable sine, square, and triangle waveforms plus TTL pulse is also included. Instrumentation is additional equipped with two digital pulsers, audio experimentation speaker, SPDT switches, potentiometers, and debounced pushbutton switches. The breadboarding area has a total of 2520 uncommitted tie points, enough space for circuits containing 24 IC's of 14 pins or the equivalent. And, all the breadboarding sockets have an unlimited lifetime guarantee. Breadboard area is also removable with optional additional breadboard socket plates. The power supply offers three DC regulated supplies, one fixed at +5VDC and two variable from ±1.3 to ±15VDC. All three supplies are short-circuit protected, automatically current limiting the output to a safe level. The Portable Workstation is a complete electronics workstation housed in a rugged carrying case, making it ideal for students or engineers who need to transport materials from lab to project work area. The case folds into the size of a large briefcase, with convenient storage facilities for manuals, an optional multimeter, and the optional WK-1 wire jumper kit.