Bio-Rad® IDEA Kit

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Bio-Rad® IDEA Kit
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Chromatography Learning Activities
Teach a Fundamental Skill Used Daily in Research Labs

  • Inquiry-based hands-on laboratory
  • Kit can be completed in two 45-min laboratory sessions
  • Visible results
  • STEM integration
Bridge the gap between textbook science and students’ lives by using dyes extracted from candy coatings to perform agarose gel electrophoresis. Bio-Rad’s new IDEA kit is a dazzling way for students to learn the basics of this key technique using dyes that are commonly found in the foods they eat. Combine this with the power of inquiry to encourage your students to ask questions and seek answers. What dye combinations create the colors in the hard-shell candies of their choice? Do red and blue make purple? Is pink really pink? The colorful results may surprise you and will certainly get your students talking about their discoveries.

Ordering information: Starter Kit includes reference dyes, extraction buffer, micro centrifuge tubes, agarose, TAE, fixed-volume pipets, tips, and curriculum.