PicoTurbine Sky-Z

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Teacher / STEM Teacher
No, I didn't recommend
Poorly made and does not work half the time, save yourself a headache and go with another kit.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 06/22/2016
I am sorry that this product did not live up to your expectations. I will be sending your feedback directly to the manufacturer so that they can address this issue. I would recommend 470113-010 as a suitable alternative in the future. Thank you for your review, your feedback is important.
PS-0013 PWHC
470211-914CS 216.2 USD
470211-914 470211-910
PicoTurbine Sky-Z
Explore wind energy with this compact, innovative turbine design.

Features include three 8" blades within a three-blade hub with pitch angles, as well as four coils and four magnets to build and customize the generator. This turbine creates alternating current power. The built-in LED light helps to indicate the generated power. Other customizable features include different blade sizes and a six-blade hub that allows for limitless experimentation.

Size: 26" blade to floor, 18" nose to floor, 6.2" base.