RP6v2 Robotic Vehicle (Tank)

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RP6v2 Robotic Vehicle (Tank)
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This low-cost autonomous mobile robot system is designed for beginners as well as experienced electronics and software developers as an introduction to the fascinating world of robotics. The powerful tank drive train can drive up steep ramps and over obstacles with large payload capabilities.

Programmable in C, the RP6v2 has many possibilities for expansion as your students' programming skills grow. An ATMEGA32 8-bit RISC microcontroller with 8 MIPS and 8MHz clock is featured, and unit is delivered fully assembled with no soldering required. Receives IR codes in RC5 format, and includes USB interface for easy programming and communication. Includes CD with software, 138 page manual, and many extras. AVR-GCC and RobotLoader open source software for use with Windows and Linux with sample C programs and large function library included. Also includes two 7.2 V DC motors, 625 CPR encoder resolution for precise speed regulation, and six PCB expansion areas.