PicoTurbine Savonious V3 PLUS

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PicoTurbine Savonious V3 PLUS
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Alternative Energy Learning Activities
Explore wind energy in this inventive vertical turbine design.

  • Ideal for grades 9 through college.
Its simple format allows you to create free, renewable energy with a spin or by holding it to the wind, yet its incorporation of technology allows for limitless customization and green energy research. With a strong-yet-lightweight injection molded components, its features include plastic s-foil wind blades which capture wind from all direction, and a build-it-yourself alternator to product electrical current with the option to customize with additional coils and magnets. The built-in LED light helps to indicate the generated power. This kit gives you the ability to rectify your power from alternating current to direct current. Four types of rectification experiments are included.