RP6v2 Expansion Set

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470210-712EA 76.99 USD
RP6v2 Expansion Set
This is an expansion module for use with 470210-714 robot. The module enables you to upgrade your robot with an additional ATmega32 microcontroller and gives you an expansion board for interfacing with your own electronic circuits. Compared to the controller on the mainboard, this one features twice as high clock frequency. As a bonus, you will have a lot more free processing time because the Motor Control, ACS, IRCOMM, etc. can be handled by the controller on the mainboard. Build your own electronic circuits with 14 free I/O-ports available on two standard 10 pin connects. Six out of these 14 I/O lines may be used as Analog/Digital Converter channels The external 32KB SPI EEPROM provides the module with a reliable (1 million cycles) read- and writeable memory, which may be used for data-logging or as program storage for Byte code Interpreters like the NanoVM for Java. The board allows you to solder and extra DIP 8 socket to the PCB for a second EEPROM The buttons, LEDs, piezoelectric beeper and the optionally available LCD give you lots of additional possibilities. They enable you to control the robot, e.g. by programming a small command menu with a few push buttons for selecting special functions - and of course it can be used as a display for measurement values and status messages. The beeper may generate a range of sounds and for instance play a greeting melody at program’s start or an alarm sound at low battery level. The module also has a microphone sensor, which will allow you to start the RP6v2 by clapping your hands or similar things.