Fischertechnik Control Set

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470210-502EA 108 USD
Fischertechnik Control Set
The four channel infrared remote control allows you to remotely control Fischertechnik models. Up to three motors and one servo can be driven proportionally. This means an infinitely variable turning angle of the steering wheel and infinitely variable speed control. Up to four receivers can be operated with the remote control, allowing for numerous operational possibilities. The set contains a controller, receiver and a servo. Features universal proportional 4-channel infrared remote control for motorized models, powerful infrared transmitter: 9V with three transmission diodes, microprocessor-controlled receiver 9V, 1A max for 3 motors and one servo, microservo 4.8/6V, angle +/40 degrees, 1.7 kg cm max, two different frequencies can be selected with two receivers per frequency, cruise control, motor speed, which was set, remains, crawler function, easy steering of models with two drive motors, for example tracked vehicles with a joystick.

Transmitter: 9V Alkaline Battery; Receiver: Accu Set. Power supply required.