Eisco® Tapeworm Sections

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Eisco® Tapeworm Sections
Models Zoology Models
Prefect for a science classroom or lab to examine the internal and external anatomy of parasitic tapeworms.

  • Greatly enlarged, 8 sections mounted on single base
  • Sections demonstrate external anatomy, internal anatomy, and life cycle
  • Hand painted
  • Flat mounted on base
  • Includes numbered key card
The eight-segment tapeworm model showcases all of the major anatomy of the segmented flat tapeworm in very high detail, allowing students to closely examine the tiny parasitic tapeworm that make a host out of an enormous variety of animals; humans, pigs, cows, sheep, fish, cats, crustaceans, etc. Several anatomical regions are highlighted on the base; a sucker, the head and scolex with two prominent suckers, the rostellum with hooks, the proglottid filled with eggs (gravid), the proglottid with both male and female sex organs, a mature proglottid with all organs, the external segmented body of a tapeworm, and the cyst.