Fischertechnik Mechanic + Static

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Fischertechnik Mechanic + Static
The ideal introduction to key fundamentals of engineering and construction. The areas of dynamics, statics, gears, structure, and bracing are all addressed as students learn by building models that illustrate the principles behind these concepts. Includes 500 components for building 30 different models: Bar, Turntable, Crank Gear 1, Crank Gear 2, Vehicle 1, Vehicle 2, Vehicle 3, Toothed Gearing with Chains, Vehicle with Steering, Gearbox, Planetary Gear, Bevel Gear, Kitchen Appliance, Differential Gear, Car Jack, Scissor Elevating Platform, Lathe, Windshield Wiper, Four-bar Chain, Power Hacksaw Machine, Beam and Scales, Scales with Sliding Weight, Lifting Tackle, Table, Double Ladder, Girder Bridge, Bridge with Underbeam, Bridge with Upperbeam, High Hunting Stand, and Crane. Also includes a 134 page full color construction booklet with detailed instructions for building all of the above models, as well as a multi-language, black and white activity guide discussing the various aspects of mechanics and statics. Set also includes Mini Motor, switch and battery tray for 9V block (battery not included). Recommended for students age 9 and above.