Fischertechnik Optics Set

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Fischertechnik Optics Set
This construction set gives students a glimpse into the world of optics, allowing them to investigate optical phenomena and experiment with light. The planetary model clearly demonstrates why the moon has phases or why solar and lunar eclipses occur. Optical lenses with various focal lengths, mirrors, lens tip lamps and a variety of other parts allow construction of a microscope, magnifier, telescope and periscope. With the periscope, students can look around corners of the microscope and enlarge the view of even the tiniest objects. With the sun dial, they will determine the time of day, and the optical fiber model demonstrates total reflection and how data can be transferred using light Set Includes: Black and white, multi-language instructional activity booklet, 3X optical lenses (two focal lengths), mirrors, optical fiber, 2X lens tip lamps, and full color instructions for building 12 different models. For additional functionality, can be combined with the Fischertechnik Energy Set or Accu Set, each available separately.