Triumph Board MULTI Touch

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470214-256BX 200 USD
Triumph Board MULTI Touch
This interactive whiteboard allows four users to write, draw, move objects or two users to resize and rotate two objects with two fingers per the object simultaneously. 

  • Based on IR Cell LED Optical Technology
  • Multi-Touch Unit
  • Multi-User Mode Setting
It is a truly multi-touch, requiring no separate multi-user mode setting. Users can write, draw and move objects with a finger, stylus, or even a pointer. It connects to a computer through a fast USB 2.0 interface or optionally with wireless radio technology with 2. 4GHz. It supports Linux, Mac, all Microsoft Windows and multi-user writing and common multi-touch gestures currently recognized in Microsoft Win-7. Use simple intuitive finger or hand gestures to toss, rotate, or zoom in and out on objects.

The unit is based on IR Cell LED Optical technology, which uses a combination of IR LEDs and photo transistors that are aligned in pairs around the active surface. These pairs of LEDs and photo transistors cast a grid over this surface. When the surface is touched, the beam of infrared light between the LEDs and the photo transistors is interrupted at the point of touch. This position is converted into an ‘X’ and a ‘Y’ coordinate which the computer then converts into a mouse position.

Ordering information: Purchase price does not include installation. To learn more about installation opportunities, please contact your VWR Sales Representative.