Triumph Board 78" ULTRA SLIM

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470214-262BX 873.99 USD
Triumph Board 78" ULTRA SLIM
This interactive white board features a scratch and glare resistant ceramic surface, that uses infrared and ultrasound positioning technology. The principle is similar to calculating the distance of lightning by counting between lightning and thunder during a thunderstorm, and with the ULTRA SLIM board it is achieved by measuring the speed of light and sound, transmitted by an electronic pen. The integrated compact receiver is protected against destruction and theft by an integrated metal cover. The interactive electronic pen is supplied together with the board and has buttons simulating left and right mouse click functionality. The electronic pen is powered by standard AA batteries. Includes two different HOTKEY labels, enabling simple access to the more common functions of TB Comenius and RMeasiteach Next Generation annotation softwares, which enable the presenter to concentrate on the presentation rather than controlling the technology. The board is equipped with a USB interface through which the board can connect to a PC within seconds.
Upgradable with a "Wireless Upgrade Kit“ in a wireless version with an automatic wireless radio connection (2.4 GHz) using a simple USB receiver in your PC! Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS.

Please note: Purchase price does not include installation. To learn more about installation opportunities, please contact your VWR Sales Representative.