Ohaus 300 Series Starter Test Meters

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Ohaus 300 Series Starter Test Meters
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
Versatile and portable meters for wherever your lessons take you.

  • Intuitive Software and a well-organized display work in tandem to make operating the Starter Series a simple and straightforward task
  • Starter portable products fit comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • Each comes equipped with a retractable built-in stand that can be used to prop up the meter on a flat surface
  • Starter tracks the accuracy of the calibration process right on the display so users can measure with peace-of-mind, knowing results will be highly precise
When it’s time to take students into the field, the OHAUS Starter Series of Portable Meters is ready to assist. With an IP54 protection rating shielding the meter from water and/or dust damage, a minimum of 250 hours of operation time (over 500 hours on pH models) and 30 sets of data memory, OHAUS portable meters are the perfect (outdoor) lab partner for your students. When the weather doesn’t cooperate or you just need additional versatility, the Starter Series of Portable Meters still has you covered. With their built-in lab table stand and the same intuitive software featured in the bench top models, the OHAUS portable meters are just as effective in your classroom or science lab as they are in the field.

Starter 300 pH Meter:
Starter 300 Marries portability with precise pH measurement. ORP, temperature and reference electrodes can also be easily connected to provide additional functionality. See Product Resources Tab for Specifications.
Each time the meter is calibrated, icons appear on the display to confirm the accuracy of the calibration process so you can ensure accurate measurement
Auto buffer recognition stores calibration data and helps to avoid erros during the calibration process
Automatic and manual temperature compensation helps ensure accurate readings