Captair Bio PCR Workstations, Erlab

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Captair Bio PCR Workstations, Erlab
Fume Hoods and Enclosures PCR Workstation Enclosures
Offers protection of your samples with Erlab’s unique filtration technology.

  • Ideal for sample prep
  • RNA/DAN sequencing
  • In vitro
  • Cell culture
  • Yeast propagation
All units are designed to integrate HEPA (H14) filters with particulate capture efficiency up-to 99.995% efficiency of particles 0.1micron and higher, guaranteeing an ultra-pure ISO 5 clean environment within the enclosure

All Captair Bio units include UV lights with reflective panels, UV timer, safety switch, and 10mm thick acrylic for optimal user protection. Continuous monitoring of flow rate and static pressure readings are performed internally, which will alert audibly as readings decrease.

With the flexibility of Erlab’s unique, flexible filtering system, the addition of Erlab’s advanced carbon filtration is also available to be integrated in addition to HEPA filters. This provides a guarantee that the samples are not harmed by potential VOC’s and/or acid molecules present in the lab.

Certifications: CE, ISO 5 (when used in a cleanroom in compliance with ISO 9/EN 14-644 standard).

Ordering information: All models require HEPA filters in order to operate with the ability to add carbon filters if necessary. Filters and accessories are sold separately. Units are supplied with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty (subject to compliance with operating conditions). Please contact your VWR representative for more information.