Combitips Advanced® Pipette Tips

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Combitips Advanced® Pipette Tips
Pipette Tips
The Combitips advanced® function according to the positive displacement principle.

  • Elongated Combitips (2.5, 5, and 10 ml)
  • Individual color coding facilitates quick identification of the desired Combitips
Thus they always dispense the correct desired volume independently of the density of the liquid and its flow characteristics (e.g. increased vapor pressure or increased viscosity). Working with radioactive, aggressive, or toxic materials also becomes safer due to the hermetically sealed piston preventing aerosol contamination. After dispensing with the Repeater® Plus, just eject the Combitips advanced and dispose of.

PCR Clean grade: All Eppendorf consumables with the purity grade PCR clean are DNase and RNase free. The miniscule amounts of genetic substance used for experiments are therefore protected from DNases and RNases. Also free of* contaminating nucleic acids. This is normally human DNA, which could infiltrate the plastic goods during the production process (e.g. via skin particles). Consumables certified by Eppendorf as PCR clean are free of any PCR inhibitors and will not interfere with the PCR reaction.

Forensic DNA Grade: Eppendorf consumables exemplify highest quality and performance. The test parameters and sensitivity levels of the "Eppendorf Forensic DNA Grade" correspond to the requirements of the ISO 18385 standard and are subject to strict controls. All tests performed to verify the certified purity parameters are carried out by an independent external testing laboratory which is accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 - the same accreditation standard which is applied to forensic laboratories.
Lot specific certificates provided by the testing laboratory confirm the compliance with the criteria DNase-, RNase-, PCR inhibitor-, and human DNA-free.