Power Supply, AC/DC 30 V

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470138-950EA 344.35 USD
Power Supply, AC/DC 30 V
Power Supplies
This regulated DC power supply can be used for any general purpose requirement.

  • Continuously adjustable DC output from 0 to 30 V DC at 2 A
  • Standard AC output 1 to 6 V, 1 V increments
  • Overload and short circuit protected
This highly versatile supply comes with digital displays for both current and voltage. Housed in high quality ABS case, each of the outputs are protected from overload and short circuit. This unit is perfect for driving motors, digital and analog circuits, light sources and many more. The outputs include 1-6 V AC, 2 Amp max in steps of 1 V, and 0-30V DC with 2 Amp max, which is adjustable. Input to the unit is switchable 120 V/60 Hz and 240 V, 50/60 Hz.