Advanced Wind Experiment Kit Pack

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Advanced Wind Experiment Kit Pack
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Discover advanced concepts of wind turbine technology!

  • Create blades for wind turbines
  • Design applications for wind power
  • Grades 7 - 12
Young scientists can explore gearboxes and airfoils. They can also construct blades to generate electricity, lift weights, and pump water. This kit is perfect for grades 7-12 and is all inclusive. You will need your own wind source, basic tools, and imagination!

Classroom Pack
The classroom pack option includes three turbines, extra hubs, and blade consumables for approximately 24 students.

Height: 24 in
Maximum blade diameter: 36 in (with provided materials)
Maximum number of blades: 12
Expected power output: 0–2 watts
Number of different gear ratios: 3
Table or floor space needed: 18 in diameter circle.

Design turbine blades
Generate electricity
Measure power output
Lift weights
Drag race cars with weights
Pump water
Charge capacitors
Explore gear ratios
Build generators (with GenPack add-on)
Produce more power than the basic kit
Light LEDs
Explore torque vs. speed
Compare airfoils and flat blades