VWR® Ice Pans

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VWR® Ice Pans
Ice Containers
VWR® Ice Pans are manufactured from polyurethane foam to ensure good insulating properties.

  • Polyurethane foam construction
  • pouring lip for easy draining
  • Lids can be stacked beneath pans
Ice Pans are suitable for use with Dry-Ice with Isopropyl Alcohol, Water-Ice with salt slurry, or liquid nitrogen. The operating temperature range is -76 to 70°C (-104 to 158°F). All pans feature a pouring lip for easy draining. VWR® Ice Pans are available with or without lids. The lids, which are unbreakable in normal use, help to reduce evaporation levels. Lids can also be stacked below the pans for convenient, space-saving storage.