Eisco® Disarticulated Skeleton

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Eisco® Disarticulated Skeleton
Models Human Biology Models
Life like Individual bone replicas of a human adult male skeleton. Designed for patient or classroom demonstration.

  • Life sized male skeleton, 62" tall before disarticulation
  • Cast from authentic human skeleton
  • Includes 23 intervertebral discs, 3 part skull with movable jaw
  • Left hand and foot jointed (articulated), right hand and foot fully disarticulated
  • Skull has all structures present and the calvaria (skull cap) is removable with access to internal structure and it has the external acoustic meatus, the skull does not include nasal bones and there are no interior markings (such as the sphenoid)
  • Removable mandible is attached by a compression spring for realistic movement Includes external acoustic meatus
  • Skeleton is not meant to be assembled and does not come with a stand
Premium, medical quality anatomical replica of human bones made from a durable plastisol polymer that is easy to clean and can withstand high temperatures. Cast from a real human skeleton, each bone features realistic bony landmarks, providing incredible realism and detail. The full disarticulated skeleton includes 200+ bones and structures. Half disarticulated skeleton includes 100+ bones and structures. Aluminum case (sold separately) will conveniently store either half or full skeletons.