Eisco® NextGen Meker Bunsen Burner

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Eisco® NextGen Meker Bunsen Burner
Heaters Gas Burners
The next generation in laboratory burners. NextGen Bunsen Burners are designed to be the safest on the market.

  • Designed for safety
  • Produces an extremely hot, stable flame
  • Expanded base prevents easy tipping, even with hoses connected
  • Spaced feet so burner fits comfortably under stands
  • Candle stick style handle allows user to move burner without getting harmed
  • Equipped with gas adjustment under the burner and threaded air flow adjustment
  • Specially designed, grid pattern flame stabilizer produces hotter flames than traditional Bunsen burners
  • Base is coated with a chemical resistant powder coating
The Meker is a relatively radical sub type of the Bunsen that is designed to produce and extremely hot and stable flame. The Meker was designed around the principle that the hottest point of a flame is the outer tip of the inner flame. It features a grid that separates the flame into an array of much smaller flames, creating many more 'outer tips' or zones of highest temperature. Ribbed fuel input tube is 8 mm outside diameter, and versions jetted for liquid propane and natural gas are both available. Liquid propane version has a BTU range of approx. 1900 to 3100. Maximum temperature is approximately 1780 °C (3236 °F). Natural gas version has a BTU range of approx. 600 to 1100. Maximum temperature is approximately 1780 °C (3236 °F).

Ordering information: Neoprene connecting hoses, 60 or 90 cm (items 470121-742 and 470220-806), recommended.




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470121-742 Neoprene connecting hose, 60 cm
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