CENCO Heat Set System

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CENCO Heat Set System
The Cenco Heat System includes materials for over 13 activities on thermodynamics based topics.

  • The kit comes in a heavy duty carry-case for ease of storage
  • Simple to set-up with all components easily accessible
  • A full manual with detailed activities for both the teacher and the student is included along with scientific background on each topic
  • Activities are designed to guide students to discover concepts but are styled so the instructor knows what equipment is needed for each activity
Experiment topics include: Psychrometry, Newton's law of cooling, specific heat of metals, specific heat of water, expansion of water, heat of fusion, linear expansion of a solid, phase transitions and cooling curves, heat conduction in a rod, convective heat transfer, pulse glass, expansion of a gas, expansion of a liquid, thermocouple, thermostat.

Ordering information: Kit Includes Beaker 500ml; Beaker 250ml; Beaker 100ml; Cylinder graduated 100ml; Centrifuge tube 100ml; Filtering flask, with side tube, 500ml; U-shaped glass tube; Thermal insulation jacket; U-shaped rods, Aluminum; U-shaped rods, Brass; U-shaped rods, Stainless Steel; Pulse glass; Glass tube; Stand; Plastic head with knobs; Thermocouple; Silicon tubing; Extension clamp with rod; Alcohol thermometer - 10 to 110 0C; Rubber stopper for Filtering flask, Solid; Rubber stopper for Filtering flask, one hole; Gas burner tubing; Bimetallic strip; Digital multimeter; Calorimeter cup with lid; Banana plug cord; Silicone grease; Paraffin block; Stainless Steel and Aluminum cylinders for linear thermal expansion; Retort Ring; Specific heat cylinders - iron, brass, lead and cu; Wire mesh; Bunsen burner; Tripod stand for Bunsen burner; Micrometer dial gauge range 0-10mm, sensitivity 0.01mm 1; Food color.

Required but not included: Timer; Meter Stick; Cotton cloth; Rubber band or string; Tongs; Tape; Scale; Banana plug cords; Two cell battery holder (Included in CENCO Electricity System 1); Single cell battery holder (Included in CENCO Electricity System 1) 1; Insulated gloves and apron 1 per student; Hot Plate; Bunsen burner and lighter; 1.5 V cell battery (AA) 3.