3B Scientific® Physiological Skeleton

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3B Scientific® Physiological Skeleton
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Phil is unique! He offers all the advantages of a 3B Scientific® skeleton and features an almost true-to-life reproduction of the joints system. Demonstrate internal and external rotation of the limbs and show how the knee and elbow joints move and stretch.

  • Metal base improves your ability to transport
  • True to life joint movement
  • Three years manufacturers warranty
  • Includes 3B smart anatomy
The flexible spine can make natural movements (lateral bend, movement and stretching, rotation). The hand bones of this 3B Scientific® skeleton model have been assembled on wire to show their natural position.

The flexible assembly of the foot bones makes them maneuverable. The shoulder blades twist when the arms are raised. Even the low level of maneuverability of the sacroiliac joint and the sacrococcygeal symphysis can be demonstrated. Now available on a stable metal hanging stand with 5 casters!

Accessories information: For information about 3B smart anatomy, please see the document attached on this page.