Human Skin And Burn Pathologies

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Human Skin And Burn Pathologies
Si skin models in one. The front face, compares and contrasts the normal healthy skin from three different body regions; the palm or sole (totally hairless), the axilla or armpit (sparsely endowed with hair), and the scalp (completely hirsute). The back of the model illustrates the progressive severity of skin injury caused by burns – from the painful reddening and transitory damage of the first degree skin burn, to the blistering, often permanent damage of the second degree burn, to the deep charring and permanent tissue destruction of the third degree burn. 46 features of skin burns and healthy skin are coded for identification in accompanying key. The human skin series with burn pathologies is delivered on wooden stand. The Human Skin Series with Burn Pathologies is enlarged 75 times life size to detail skin burn pathologies.