Eisco® Dual Sex Open Back Torso

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Eisco® Dual Sex Open Back Torso
Models Human Biology Models Human Anatomy Models
  • Hand Painted, High Quality Parts
  • Comes Numbered With An Key Card
Life size showing the head with nasal and buccal cavity, half brain, eye with optic nerve. Removable 2-lung halves, heart in 2 parts, liver with gall bladder, 2-part stomach, large and small intestines with appendix flap opening and cover, half of kidney. Male genital organs in 4-parts and female genital organs in 2-parts with embryo in the 3rd month of pregnancy. The back shows the vertebral column, spinal cord with nerve endings and the 1st, 5th & 7th dorsal vertebra is removable. Mounted on a base. Numbered with English Key Card.