Safety Station

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470117-988EA 4830.25 USD
Safety Station
Put all your safety equipment in one place. This oak and oak veneer safety station has a shower and eyewash built-in and storage for other equipment like fire blankets, spill kits, first aid kits and a fire extinguisher. The shower head has a high volume continuous water flow. Pulling the conveniently located pull handle activates the stay open valve. The eyewash is mounted over a stainless steel bowl but can be detached and pulled up to 12' away from the station for washing eyes or other small areas. The eyewash paddle handle activates the stay open valve leaving the users hands free. Shelving, both locking and open, is available. Versatile storage allows the user to decide items to include in the safety station. The area beneath the storage is open to allow the mounting of various safety apparatus and wheelchair access. The unit is ADA compliant. Dimensions: 48Wx22Dx84H, Weight: 354 lbs.