Solar Lab Electricity Learning Kit

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Solar Lab Electricity Learning Kit
The Solar Lab 1.0 educational kit is designed to teach students of all ages how solar cells can be used in real electric circuits.

  • Ten Labs Included
  • Students Learn How to Build Solar-Powered Items
  • Instructions Included
  • Solar Panel and Batteries Included
  • Topics Include Voltage, Solar Cells, and More
It contains 10 step-by-step labs with an easy-to-follow manual that guides you through the basics of solar electricity and how to use it in everyday life.

Students learn how a solar cell works, how to build circuits that power devices with solar energy, how to use a multimeter to learn about voltage and electric current, and how to build a solar-powered battery charger (batteries included).

Ordering information: This kit includes a multi-voltage solar panel, a motor with fan blade and stand, digital multimeter, a bulb, a diode, a resister, LED, a battery holder, batteries, all cables and connectors, and a solar lab 1.0 manual.