20 Watt Do-It-Yourself-Classroom Edition

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20 Watt Do-It-Yourself-Classroom Edition
This DIY solar energy kit is designed with solar education in mind and is perfect as a solar power demonstration for a classroom.

  • Real-time voltage and current
The important components of the classroom edition are the digital meters. This is where you can learn about voltage, current, amp-hours and more.

Watch the voltage increase when the battery is charging. Meter tells you how many amp-hours you have generated during the day of sun. Watch it go down when you are powering devices (or charging Smartphone etc.). Also includes a 100W DC to AC inverter and a Stainless Steel 12V DC outlet with USB adapter. The kit does not include battery. We recommend using an 18AH Sealed battery or a 32AH sealed battery. You can also use a 12V Deep cycle marine battery purchased locally, but we recommend one of our sealed batteries if you are locating the battery inside a classroom. The kit includes:

- 20 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel - Solar charge controller

- 100W DC to AC inverter

- 12V DC Stainless Steel outlet with USB adapter

- 12V DC Desk Lamp

- 12V 7W LED Bulb

- Fuse holder with fuses

- 2 Digital meters for voltage and current

- All Wiring and connectors

- Complete instructions You can mount the digital meters and 12V outlet on a piece of plywood and label each meter. Or use a wooden crate, or plastic tub. Just keep the wires and battery in "the back" and have the meters and outlets available to see and use. Be creative! Optional: Wall/Pole mounting hardware, 12V DC 15W CFL Bulb (to compare power usage to LED bulb).

Includes a 12V Desk Lamp and 12 V, 7 Watt LED bulb