40 Watt Do-It-Yourself Solar Energy Kit

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470118-630EA 642.5 USD
40 Watt Do-It-Yourself Solar Energy Kit
Once built, this system uses the sun to power lights, radios, laptop computers, and more.

  • All Required Parts Included
  • Instructions Included
  • Charger Powers Lights, Laptops, Radios, and More
If you were using a 25W compact fluorescent bulb with the inverter, you could light the bulb for about 330 minutes with the energy you produced that day. Since the provided battery holds 55aH or over 660Wh of energy, you could light the light for 26 hours before you need a charge.

The charge controller prevents the sealed lead-acid 12V battery from over-charging, and the inverter converts the 12VDC to 115VAC (standard household-type power). The 400W inverter is limited to loads of 4W or less but can power higher loads briefly. Instructions are included