80 Watt Do-It-Yourself-Classroom Edition

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80 Watt Do-It-Yourself-Classroom Edition
Our Classroom Edition is an expanded version our popular 85 Watt Do-it-Yourself Solar Kit. The digital meters will give you the real-time voltage and current of your system. Watch the voltage increase when the battery is charging. Meter tells you how many amp-hours you have generated during the day of sun. Watch it go down when you are powering devices (or charging Smartphone etc.). Includes 80 Watt solar panel, charge controller, 400 watt DC to AC inverter, 12V DC output socket, voltage panel meter, solar input amp meter, load out amp meter, 55 Amp-hr AGM sealed battery and all the wiring and instructions you need to get your system set-up quickly.
Includes: 85 Watt Framed Solar Panel with 25 year limited warranty, SunSaver6 Charge Controller, 55 amp-hour AGM sealed battery, 400 Watt Modified Sine Wave DC to AC Inverter, 12V female lighter socket with cable and fuse, 15 ft. solar output cables and 2 digital meters for voltage and current.
What amount of power can be produced with this system?
4.94 X 5 hours of direct sun = about 24 amp-hrs per day
24 AH X 7 days/ week = 168 amp-hours per week. 168 X 12V = about 2016 watt-hours of energy in one week. If you have more sun (in summer) then you have more power, if you have less sun (in winter), then you have less power. A few examples of power usage of some devices:
Laptop computers: 40-90 watts per hour of use
19" TV: 95 watts
17" monitor: 120 watts
17" LCD monitor: 40 watts
Box fans: up to 100 watts
Radio: 20-75 watts
Charge controller protects battery from overcharging. Use the included 12V DC female socket to charge cell phones, camera batteries, AA/AAA batteries. The 300 Watt modified sine wave inverter will power many 120V AC loads up to 300 watts. Add a second solar panel for a total of 160 watts of solar (requires larger charge controller).
Add an additional 55AH battery with cables ($195 includes extra battery shipping charges). This system is perfect for classrooms, camp & scouting projects or backyard learning tool.