Planetary Gear Model

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Planetary Gear Model
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This model acts similarly to the Rabinion planetary gear of a modern vehicle. The complex principles of a planetary gear are unlocked with the use of color coded discs. Blue is used for the internal gear. Green is used for the pinion gear. Yellow is used for the sun gear. This model consists of 3 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed. The instructor or student manually operates this unit by locking by locking down a specific part of the gear using a fixed pin. Changes in rotation are visible when adjusting either the sun, pinion, or internal gear. A nomenclature panel is included on the front of the model for reference. These items are made special to order and are not held in stock. Lead times are approximately two to three months. Freight charges may apply. Dimention: 27V x 30W x 24H cm; Weight: 3 kg