4 Cycle Toyota Gas Engine Cut-Away

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4 Cycle Toyota Gas Engine Cut-Away
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This is a TOYOTA 4-Cylinder Cutaway Gas Engine (approximately 2000cc) and synchromesh transmission. Multiple components are cut, including the distributor, starter, alternator, etc. The electrically powered motor improves student learning by observing the moving components inside the engine. These items are made special to order and are not held in stock. Lead times are approximately two to three months. Freight charges may apply.


Toyota Corolla Gas Engine

4 Cylinders in line with Synchromesh Transmission

Electronic Ignition with 4 Spark Plugs

Dozens of Cutaway Components

Color-Coded Interior

Detail view of the Distributor, Starter, and Alternator

Lubrication System with Mechanical Oil Pump and Filter

Electrically Powered Engine

Supported on Solid Frame and Casters

360 Degree Observation

Electric motor: 120V AC

Dimensions: 90L x 65W x 135H cm

Net Weight: 280 kg