Hybrid System Model

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Hybrid System Model
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We all wish we had our own hybrid automobile to take apart, re-purpose, and use to show others exactly how this fascinating piece of technology works. Just because this may not be a possibility for you doesn't mean you can communicate the basics of hybrid technology.

  • Using this educational model it's easy to:
  • Demonstrate a Motor Driven solid model of a parallel hybrid system that is used in the Toyota Prius
  • Teach the 5 stages of the hybrid system: Light Acceleration, Normal Driving, Full Acceleration, Deceleration and Stopping, and when the HV Battery is Charging
  • Show a motor driven example of this system with operation panel for students to understand the input of the engine motor
  • Have an economical and effective means of delivering hands-on interaction
  • Have a working model made from durable metal and resin that will last for years to come
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