Hybrid Cut-Away Engine

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Hybrid Cut-Away Engine
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Most people are familiar with the key factors of hybrid technology: The engine and motor. However, most don't get a chance to peek inside of these key components while they're running to examine, assess, and diagnose.

  • You and your students or colleagues can get that chance with this Toyota Prius hybrid engine cut-away which provides:
  • Educationally functioning parallel-type hybrid system running a 1.5L gas engine and Nickel-Hydrogen motor powered by two external sets of 120V electric motors
  • Cut-away engine and transmission mounted on a metal frame for clear view of the internal processes
  • Display panel at the rear side of the frame exhibits the virtual working status of starting, driving status, high load, deceleration control, and HV battery charging
  • Automatically selected power source when starting the motor, driving in normal conditions, and accelerating
  • Driving status can be simulated by adjusting the rotary switch located in front of the unit
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Model: 1NZ-FXE

Type: Water cooled series, 4 cylinders

Valve: DOHC16 valves

Gross displacement: 1496 cc


3CM AC synchronous motor

Permanent magnet type synchronous motor

Max Output:

Engine: 77PS / 5,000 rpm

Motor: 68PS / 1,200~1,540 rpm

Max Torque:

Engine: 11.7kg-m / 4,200 rpm

Motor: 40.8 kg-m / 0~1,200 rpm

Content Highlights:

Introduction to HEV Technology

Hybrid Engines

Power Inverter Systems

Electric Propulsion Sensing Systems

Nickel-Metal Hydride Technology

Hybrid Vehicle Braking Systems

Textbook CD-ROM Includes: Quick Quizzes, Media Clips, Illustrated Glossary, Review Questions, and Flash Cards.