Determination of Blood Type Using Real Blood and Saliva Lab Activity

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470163-312KT 220 USD
Determination of Blood Type Using Real Blood and Saliva Lab Activity
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Blood Typing Learning Activities
Science Using Real Samples.

  • Students experience real world examples of blood typing
  • All required chemicals are included
This kit has been designed to allow students to test their own saliva to determine their ABO blood type. Students that are part of the ~80% of the human population that secrete their blood antigens will perform titers to understand which bloodtype they belong to. These titers will be performed using supplied screened/typed human blood samples allowing the students to better understand how real blood typing works and what would happen if the wrong blood was given to a patient needing a transfusion. The initial box contains all of the non-perishable supplies including a disinfecting solution spray as well as a coupon that is to be redeemed for the perishable components near the time of use.

Ordering information: Redeem Coupon for Perishable Materials by Fax, Phone or Email before Use of Kit. Redemption Coupon for Perishable Products (Anti A, Anti B, Red blood Cells Type A, Red Blood Cells Type B, Red Blood Cells Type O, H Lectin). Includes Isopropyl Alcohol, Saline, Saliva Collection Cups, Graduated Pipettes, and Teacher's Guide and Student Copymaster.