Dynamics Cart System

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Dynamics Cart System
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Alternative Energy Learning Activities
Teach Many Concepts

  • An economical way to teach dynamics including, but not limated to, position, velocity, acceleration, force, elastic and in elastic collisions, momentum, conservation of energy, and much more
If you are looking to get started teaching physics, or need to revamp your mechanics labs this is the perfect kit.

Ordering information: Kit contains 1 x 1.2m Track with pulley, 1 Trolley Standard, 1 x Trolley Spring loaded, 2 x Masses, 10 x 10 g Masses, 1 x Ticker tape timer, 5 Spare tapes, 1 x Pack of carbon discs, 1 Reel of cotton, 1 x Spirit level and 1 x Stopwatch.