Electricity, Magnetism and Materials

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Electricity, Magnetism and Materials
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
A complete solution to learning

  • Two sets of free worksheets with teacher's notes
  • Includes carriers, baseboard and power supply
This kit provides a comprehensive range of practical assignments into electricity and magnetism and is ideal for those who are studying science and electricity within a wide variety of academic or vocational courses. The kit is supplied with two sets of printable worksheets on CD ROM (around 80 pages) that cover the electrical properties of materials, electricity, and electrical circuits. The solution includes component carriers, base board, power supply, and storage trays.
Topics students can study include:

Electrical properties of materials
Simple circuits
Heat and magnetism
Basic circuit symbols
Current flow
Series and parallel circuits
Patterns of voltage and current
Electrical sensors
Relays and electromagnets

The Operational amplifiers add-on kit requires the kit above.
This pack includes an op-amp and associated component carriers which facilitate the study of op amp circuits. This kit only contains the component carriers - baseboards, power supplies and storage trays should be bought separately.

Material on the worksheets includes:
Non-inverting amplifiers
Inverting amplifiers
Summing amplifiers
Schmitt trigger circuit
Relaxation oscillator
RC time constant