Advanced Radioactivity Kit

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Advanced Radioactivity Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Modern Physics Learning Activities
Set of apparatus for carrying out 10 basic student experiments on radioactivity. In a robust Gratnell tray with foam inserts molded to the shapes of the items and a transparent lid. Includes a CD with instructions for the experiments. The experiments are designed to occupy as little space as possible on the supplied base plate, while remaining clear and easy to perform. To determine the count rates, it is recommended that a Geiger counter be used (not included).

Base plate for use with Advanced Student Experiment Kits. Tilt-resistant stainless-steel base with five special threads for the insertion of stand rods, threads for mounting a transformer, and expansion slots for the insertion of electrical components. Has rubber feet for no-slip setup. Advanced Kit base plate is required, but not included.


1 Base plate 340x250 mm
3 Work templates
1 Holder for sources and deflecting magnet
1 Deflecting magnet
1 Thorium irradiation module I (weld filler wire)
2 Aluminum plates, 0.5 mm
1 Aluminum plate, 1 mm
1 Lead plate, 2 mm, in plastic cover

Includes 10 experiments on the subject of radioactivity:

Determining background radiation
Determining pulse rates for various radioactive preparations
Statistical distribution of counter pulses
Determination of equivalent dose for various radioactive preparations
Penetrative capacity and range of radiation
Deflection of alpha and beta radiation by a magnetic field
Absorption of alpha rays
Absorption of beta rays
Absorption of gamma rays
Inverse square law




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470162-694 Geiger Counter
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