Digital Counter

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Digital Counter
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Digital counter/timer for measuring duration of motion, transition times, periods, pendulum periods, frequencies, as well as for counting events or Geiger tube pulses. Includes a speaker that can be turned on and off, and power supplies for direct connection to light barriers. For event counting, a fixed counting period can be programmed in a range from 0.1ms to 99999s. Counter events (e.g. start or stop) can either be triggered by a signal to the input sockets or manually via switches. The unit includes a plug-in power supply.

Time range: 0.1 ms − 99999 s
Time resolution: 0.1 ms / 1 ms / 0.1 s
Freq. range: 1 − 100 kHz, where voltage >1.5 V
Freq. resolution: 1 mHz (1 − 100 Hz), 1 Hz (1 − 100 kHz)
Counting periods: 1/10/60/100 s or manually triggered
Input A: miniDIN 8 socket, 4-mm safety sockets
Input B: miniDIN 8 socket, 4-mm safety sockets
Input voltage A: 0.5 V – 15 V AC
Input voltage B: 1 V – 15 V AC
Active rising/falling counter tube input: BNC socket
Power supply: 550 V / 1 MΩ
Display: 5-digit LED display
Operating voltage: 9 – 12 V DC via plug-in power supply