All About Volcanoes Curriculum Learning Module

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All About Volcanoes Curriculum Learning Module
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NewPath’s All About Volcanoes Curriculum Learning Module provides a complete set of visual, digital and hands-on resources designed to support teacher instruction and provide students with the skills to master key concepts on Volcanoes.

Used in combination or individually, your students will gain thorough comprehension from an engaging blend of technology-based instruction, interactive print resources and game-based learning. Includes detailed, standards-based coverage of:
What is a Volcano?
Volcanoes & Plate Boundaries
The Ring of Fire
Properties of Magma
Inside a Volcano
Volcanic Eruptions
Volcanic Classification
Life Cycle of Volcanoes
Volcanic Landforms
Hot Springs & Geysers

Each module includes:
1 Flip Chart Set with 10 double-side, laminated charts including a graphic overview and “write-on/wipe-off” activities
1 Student Learning Guide featuring self-directed readings, illustrated explanations, assessment questions and a lab investigation
1 Vocabulary Review Card Set
1 Curriculum Mastery Game (4 players)
1 Interactive Multimedia Lesson containing animated tutorials, interactive activities, visual resources, illustrated narrated glossary, virtual labs, and assessments