Eisco® Chemistry Metalware Lab Starter Set

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470165-386EA 150 USD
Eisco® Chemistry Metalware Lab Starter Set
Labware Sets
12 piece laboratory set includes everything needed for Chemistry lab stations and more.

The durable and sturdy construction of this set makes it an excellent choice for science classrooms and laboratories. The Base is made of corrosion resistant, powder coated steel and features a tapped hole, which fits the included rod, and can accommodate any rod with a 10×1.5 mm metric thread. The stainless steel rod measures 24" tall and is 10 mm in diameter. The metal burette clamp features an integrated thumb screw adjustment and can securely hold 1 or 2 burettes. The metal support rings are 75 and 100 mm in dia. and include integrated screw clamps. The bosshead features 2 large plastic adjusting knobs. The 3 finger clamp features 2 adjusting thumb screws and is vinyl coated. The 2 prong clamp features 2 adjusting thumb screws, is vinyl coated, and has integrated bosshead. The 150 mm wire gauze features a ceramic center for even heating and is designed for use with the metal tripod stand. The NextGen Bunsen burner features air flow control, gas flow valve, and brass flame stabilizer. It's ribbed and tapered inlet allows a secure fit with the included neoprene tubing.

Delivery information: Includes:
1× Retort base made of corrosion resistant, powder coated steel
1× Stainless steel rod featuring a 10×1.5mm metric thread
2× Metal support rings
1× Metal double burette clamp
1× Vinyl coated two-prong adjustable clamp
1× Vinyl coated three-prong adjustable clamp with integrated bosshead
1× Metal tripod stand
1× Neoprene burner tubing
1× Wire gauze with ceramic center
1× Dual adjusting bosshead
1× NextGen Bunsen burner