Introduction to Chemical Equations

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Introduction to Chemical Equations
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Mixtures and Solutions Learning Activities
What happens when a chemical reaction takes place?

  • Students Identify and Report on Chemical Reactions
  • Activities: Performing Experiments that Highlight Differences in Reactions
  • Single and Double Replacement Reactions Included
  • Teacher's Guide and Student Copymaster Included
Chemical reactions take place all around us. Being able to identify reactions and communicate what is happening is a vital skill in the scientific community.

This kit introduces two common types of chemical reactions: single replacement and double replacement. Students perform a series of experiments highlighting the differences in these reactions and use what they learn to write balanced chemical reaction equations.

Ordering information: This kit includes 60 mL of cobalt nitrate, cupric nitrate, ferric nitrate, nickel nitrate, aluminum nitrate, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, silver nitrate, zinc metal, copper wire, and wooden dowels. It also includes a teacher's guide and a student copymaster.