AP Physics Lab 12: Harmonic Motion in a Spring

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AP Physics Lab 12: Harmonic Motion in a Spring
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In the Harmonic Motion in a Spring Lab, students research the restorative properties of a spring through traditional methods and via video analysis.

  • Students Research the Restorative Properties of a Spring
  • Students Film Video Documentary of Experiment
  • Application: Measuring a Period of Mass-Spring Systems
  • Traditional Methods and Video Analysis
  • Kit Includes Sturdy Spring, Pendulum Clamp, and More
In a two-part experiment they use for a video documentary, the students determine the spring constant of a spring by measuring a period of a mass-spring system.

Students then verify the results by measuring the restoring force of the spring.

Ordering information: The kit includes a sturdy spring, pendulum clamp, support stand, and a C-clamp. A video camera and hooked masses are required but not included. The experiment is also ideally suited for investigations with a motion detector probe.