KidWind simpleGEN Classroom Pack

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KidWind simpleGEN Classroom Pack
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The simpleGEN is an easy-to-build AC generator that allows students to explore the basics of electrical generator design.

  • Demonstrate core concepts of electricity
  • Can be attached to a wind turbine
  • Uses alternating current
With the simpleGEN, you can demonstrate Faraday’s law, light LEDs, and perform experiments that explore how coils, magnets, and rotation affect electrical generation. With some quick modifications, you will be able to convert your generator to a simple motor and explore additional variables. You can also take your experiments to the next level by converting your simpleGEN into a wind turbine nacelle. The simpleGEN classroom pack has enough materials to build 10 generators and includes three digital multimeters.