TI-Nspire™ CX Teacher Pack

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TI-Nspire™ CX Teacher Pack
Ideal for function, parametric, polar, sequence, and 3D graphing.

  • Designed for middle and high school students
  • Students can save all their work easily in a TI-Nspire™ document
  • Features a built-in TI rechargeable battery, high-resolution, backlit color screen and USB cable for easy connection to a computer, at school and home
Multiple graphing functions can be defined, saved, graphed and analyzed at one time.
User-defined list names in lists and spreadsheet.
Eleven interactive zoom features.
Numeric evaluations in table format for all graphing modes.
Interactive analysis of function values, roots, maximums, minimums, integrals and derivatives.

Six different graph styles and 15 colors to select from for differentiating the look of each graph drawn.
Matrix operations: Transpose and augment matrices; use elementary row operations; find inverse, determinant and reduced row echelon forms; convert matrices to lists and vice versa; calculate eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
List-based one- and two-variable statistical analysis, including logistic, sinusoidal, median-median, linear, logarithmic, exponential, power, quadratic polynomial, cubic polynomial, and quartic polynomial regression models.
Three statistical plot definitions for scatter plots, xy-line plots, histograms, regular and modified box-and-whisker plots, and normal probability plots.
Advanced statistics analysis, including ten hypothesis testing functions, seven confidence interval functions and one-way analysis of variance.
Eighteen probability distribution functions, including the CDF and PDF for normal, binomial, chi-squared, geometric, t-, F- and poisson distributions; inverse normal and chi-squared distributions.
Built-in interactive geometry capabilities.

Quick alpha keys.
Simple drop-down menus: Emulate the intuitive operation of familiar computer features.
TI-Nspire™ Documents (.tns files) – compatible with TI-Nspire™ Software, TI-Nspire™ handhelds and TI-Nspire™ Apps for iPad® – can be created, edited, saved and reviewed.
Use images (.jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .png formats) that can be overlaid with graphical elements.
Explore mathematical expressions in symbolic form, see patterns and understand the math behind the formulas.
Visualize of multiple representations of a single problem algebraic, graphical, geometric, numeric and written.
Chem Box feature allows easy input chemical formulas and equations.
Manipulate linked representations of properties to instantly update the others and show meaningful connections without switching screens (e.g. grab a graphed function and move it to see the effect on corresponding equations and data lists).