TI-73 Explorer Graphing Calculator

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470144-776EA 110 USD
TI-73 Explorer Graphing Calculator
Ideal for Middle School

  • Permitted and/or recommended for use on SAT, PSAT/NMSQT and AP exams
  • Flash technology for upgrading and loading future applications
  • Math Explorer features enhanced graphing calculator
  • Seven statistical plots including pictographs, pie charts and bar charts
  • Stacked fractions
  • Fraction capability with step-by-step simplification and operations
  • Conversions between fractions, mixed numbers and decimals
  • Integer division shows results as quotients and remainders
  • Four constant features
  • English and metric conversions
Get all of the advantages of a graphing calculator without paying for the features that you don’t need with the calculator that’s compatible with both the CBL 2 and CBR.

It features graphing, plotting, conversions, fraction, and data analysis functions, as well as an upgradeable operating system, 25K of RAM, and 128K of flash ROM.

Ordering information: The TI-73 comes with software and a TI Graph Link cable to connect it to your computer, four AAA batteries, a lithium battery backup, and a user manual.