Ward's® Intermediate Periodic Table

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Education / Teacher / Chapel Hill, NC
Yes, I recommend
The 8.5" x 11" version is very nice. It's a great product and makes a great souvenir! Excites the students to have their own.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 09/26/2022
Thank you for sharing!
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Education / Teacher / Newfoundland Canada
No, I didn't recommend
Just bought this periodic table and I am completely disappointed in it due to the cheap mounting hardware. It is no better than the old pull down blinds that you could buy at least 25 years ago. Renders the wind-up/pull-down capability of periodic table useless. Sometimes I can't get it to stay down, and sometimes I can't get it to go up. I was expecting a much better mounting system for something that cost so much money. How silly of me in this day an age where so little is good quality these days. I thought I would be getting a roller already mounted in a unit that I could just hang from clips above my whiteboard. There is nothing describing the mounting hardware in the specifications of the table. The writing is far too small for the molar mass, students cannot read it from where they are sitting in the classroom. Even the atomic number is relatively small. The only thing that is big enough to see from all points in the classroom is the symbol. I would not recommend this periodic table. Look elsewhere for something better. I will be returning it if I can find something better elsewhere.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 09/26/2022
We sincerely apologize that you are not 100% satisfied with the Ward's Intermediate Periodic Table Roller Format. We understand the frustration that a faulty product causes, and hope to work with you to correct this matter immediately. In regards to the font size, we would like to recommend the Ward's Basic Periodic Table, which contain larger fonts for the Symbols, Atomic Numbers and Atomic Weights. The Ward's Basic Periodic Table does not contain as much information on them, and therefore the font can be printed larger for each elements information. Please check it out when you have a chance. Once again we apologize that this product did not meet the necessary standards for your classroom, and hope that we can help you find the perfect fit.
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Ward's® Intermediate Periodic Table
This poster is available in a variety of sizes to meet your teaching needs.

  • Clear Text
  • Bright Color
  • Double-Sided Formats Available
  • Symbols, Atomic Number, and Atomic Weights In Large Print
Ward's intermediate periodic tables use clear text and bright color to make the elements and key information easy to find. The symbol, atomic number, and atomic weight are large and easy to see from a distance. The element name, electron configuration, oxidation state, electronegativity, and density are smaller. Information updated December 2016.

The backs of the 8.5 x 11" and 11 x 17" tables display polyatomic ions, solubility rules, and useful equations. Teachers can hang the larger tables on a classroom wall to reference while teaching.