NewPath Online Learning System

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NewPath Online Learning System
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Flexibly designed for use in one-to-one, blended and traditional classrooms, NewPath’s Online Learning Program provides everything a teacher needs to easily assess, instruct, present and assign ready-to-use lessons and activities as well as track and report student progress!

  • Flexible design
  • Contains everything needed to access, instruct, present and assign
  • Engaging for students
Teachers can use the program’s innovative, easy-to-use authoring tools and templates to create customized, interactive lessons, activities and assessments - and even provide cross-curricular instruction with access to ELA and Math curriculum resources.

Easy-to-use, engaging for students, and research proven, your students can learn online anywhere, anytime and on any device – including computers, laptops, Chromebooks or tablets – including iPad and Android!

Ordering information: Ideal uses for the system include Enrichment of Hands-On Lab Investigations, Classroom Instruction on Any Interactive Whiteboard, Homework Assignment, Flipping the Classroom, Skills Assessment, Personalized Learning, Assessment Preparation, Parental Involvement, Lesson Sharing, and Resource Archive.

Features include Comprehensive array of engaging, ready-to-use curriculum resources, Search resources by subject, topic, grade and national/state standard – including Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core, Easy-to-use tools and templates to author your own teaching resources and assessments, Build-A-Lesson tool to create custom multimedia lessons and activities, Flexible learning management system to create and track classes, students and assignments , Lesson planning calendar, and Cloud storage space to save your custom lessons.

Comprehensive Library of Science Curriculum includes Hundreds of animated multimedia lessons (Interactive Exercises & Activities; Virtual Lab Investigations; and tutorials for Life, Earth, Physical Science and Human Biology), 35,000+ Illustrated, Standards-Based Assessment Prep Questions, 1,000+ Digital Flip Charts, 2,000+ Interactive Vocabulary Terms, 1,200+ Illustrated Study Guides and worksheets, and 10,000+ Illustrations/Photographs.

The Class License allows for use by one teacher and up to 150 students. The School License allows for all of the teachers and students at a single site.