Module 3: DNA Analysis & Cloning

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Module 3: DNA Analysis & Cloning
Features a variety of stimulating experiments to help students learn about the science of DNA and its application. The power of molecular cloning and restriction enzyme is remarkable.

Curriculum Module Includes:
• Micropipetting Basics
• Principles and Practice of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (2)
• Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of Plasmid and Lambda DNA
• Size Determination of DNA Restriction Fragments (2)
• Mapping of Restriction Sites on Plasmid DNA (2)
• Mini-Prep Isolation of Plasmid DNA
• Isolation of E.coli Chromosomal DNA
• Cleavage of DNA With Restriction Enzymes (2)
• Transformation of E. coli with GFP and BFP
• Blue/White Cloning of a DNA Fragment and Assay of B-galactosidase (2)
• Construction and Cloning of a DNA Recombinant (2)
• Purification of the Restriction Enzyme Eco RI (2)
• Cloning of a PCR Amplified Gene (2)